Logos Faith Development
Logos Faith Development
Working to Innovate, Restore, and Elevate.
  • Our Program Features

    • Equitable income splits that allow for a new revenue stream to supplement for declining revenue.
    • Land Partner retains ownership of land in perpetuity and ownership of improvements revert back to the Land Partner after the ground lease is up, with the opportunity to own it in its entirety before then. 
    • Serves the community by providing dignified housing for all income groups, cultivating a beautiful conforming aesthetic for the neighborhood, and bringing much needed services to areas that need them.

Pre-Partnership Phase

We will come to your site to see your space and explain the program.
Parameters & Visioning: 
We will discuss the parameters and visioning for your unique project. 
We will go over preliminary deal points needed for the next step. 
Development Tour: 
We will take you on a tour of current projects.
Business Plan/Coordinator Agreement: 
Execution of this document begins the pre-development process.
Visual Presentation:
See your vision come alive. You will be able to unveil these renderings to your congregants. 

Partnership Phase

Agreement Review: 
We will be hard at work ensuring that the wishes of the institution are honored. 
We will secure all of the funds required for the project.
Entitlement Process: 
This is the time where we obtain legal approval from the city for our development project. 
Groundbreaking Ceremony:
This marks the official conclusion to the Pre-Construction Phase and beginning of the Construction Phase which is approximately  18 - 24 months.
Formal Ribbon Cutting:
Ready to open the doors to the public.